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1. Google glass

google glass

Augmented Reality has already gotten into our life within the varieties of simulated experiment and education app, however, Google is taking it many steps higher with Google Glass. In theory, with Google Glass, you're ready to read social media feeds, text, Google Maps, likewise as navigate with GPS and take photos. You may additionally get the most recent updates whereas you're on the bottom. Don't miss the Google glass technology.

Where can I get google glass?

You can purchase google class from the official purchase store of google. The price of google glass cost is approx $1500. You can buy google glass online.

2. Form1


Just as the term suggests, 3D printing is that the technology that would forge your digital style into a solid real-life product. It’s nothing new for the advanced mechanical trade, however, a personal 3D printer is certainly a revolutionary plan. Everybody will produce their own physical product supported their custom style and no approval required from any large manufacturer! Even the James Bond’s Aston Martin that was crashed within the motion picture was a 3D written product !

3. Oculus rift

Oculus rift

Virtual Reality gaming is here within the type of Oculus Rift. This history-defining 3D receiver enables you to mentally feel that you just are literally within a computer game. Within the Rift’s virtual world, you'll flip your head around with ultra-low latency to look at the planet in high-resolution show. There is premium product within the market that may do a similar, however, Rift needs you to enjoy the expertise at only $300, and also the package even comes with a development kit. This is often the start of the revolution for next-generation diversion.

Where can I buy an Oculus rift?

You can purchase Oculus rift i.e, virtual reality goggles from the official site of Oculus. The price of virtual reality goggles is approx $300.

4. Leap motion

Leap motion

The multi-touch desktop may be a (miserably) unsuccessful product because of terribly Fact that hands might get very tired with prolonged use, however, Leap Motion needs to challenge this dark space again with a more advanced plan. It helps you to management the desktop with fingers, however without touching the screen.

5. Eye tribe

Eye tribe

Eye tracking has been actively mentioned by technology enthusiasts throughout these years, however, it’s very difficult to implement. However, Eye Tribe truly did this. They successfully created the technology to permit you to regulate your tablet, play simulator, and even slice fruits in Fruit Ninja only along with your eye movements.

6. Smart things

smart things

The current drawback that almost all devices have is that they perform as a standalone being, and it need effort for tech competitors to partner with one another and build a product which will truly connect with one another. Smart Things is here to create your each device, digital or non-digital, connect along and profit you.

7. Firefox OS


IOS and android are nice, however, they every have their own rules and policies that definitely inhibit the inventive efforts of developers. Mozilla has since determined to make a brand new mobile package from scratch, one that may target true openness, freedom, and user selection. It’s Firefox OS.
Firefox OS is made on gonk, gecko, and Gaia software package layers  for the rest people, it suggests that it's designed for open source, and it carries internet technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.

8. Project Fiona


Meet the primary generation of the gaming tablet. Racer’s Project Fiona may be a serious gaming tablet designed for hardcore gaming. Once it’s out, it'll be the frontier for the longer term tablets, as tech companies may wish to make their own tablets, dedicated towards gaming, except for currently, Fiona is that the only possible one that will debut in 2013.

9. Parallella


Parallella is going to change the method that computers are made, and Adapteva offers you chance to join in on this revolution. Simply put, it’s a supercomputer for everybody. Basically, an energy-efficient laptop designed for process complicated software package at the same time and effectively. Time period object following, holographic wide-awake show, speech recognition can become even stronger and smarter with Parallella.

10. Google Driverless car

Google Driverless car

I might still keep in mind the day I watch the robot as a teenager, and be skeptical concerning my brother’s statement that in the future, the driver less automobile can become reality. And it’s currently a reality, created attainable by… a search engine company, Google.

While the information supply continues to be a secret recipe, the Google driver less automobile is battery-powered by computer science that utilizes the input from the video cameras within the automobile, a sensing element on the vehicle’s prime, and a few radio detection and ranging and position sensors connected to totally different positions of the automobile. Sounds like plenty of effort to mimic the human intelligence during automobile, however up to now the system has with success is driven 1609 kilometers without human commands!

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