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Artificial intelligence Overview,Benefits | AI Tutorials |


As indicated by the father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy "The science and designing of making shrewd machines, particularly savvy PC programs". 

Manmade brainpower is a method for making a PC, a PC controlled a robot, or a product think shrewdly, in the comparative way the astute people think. 

AI is expert by concentrate how human cerebrum considers, and how people learn, choose, and work while endeavoring to take care of an issue, and after that utilizing the results of this examination as a premise of creating insightful programming and frameworks.

   Components of AI

Applications of AI

1. Gaming
2. Natural LAnguage Processing
3. Expert Systems
4. Vision Systems
5. Speech Recognition
6. Handwriting Recognition
7. Intelligence Robots
8. Finance
9. Health Care

Some Interview Questions:

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions

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