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Min Browser



Min is an upcoming browser in the world of technology. It comes with a minimal design and provides you speedy operation. It contain simple features as you are using in chrome and uc. Min doesn't mean it is low functionality or undeveloped browser.  today peoples mostly use google chrome,mozilla firefox, uc browser and safari. They spend their all time to search add ons and operate their works online. Most users can amass a wide collection of open tabs or even separate windows of the powerhouse browsers. 


The min browser is not like that. this is simple browser with simple features which can easily use by any one. 

this breowser comes in Linux,mac and windows. one of the biggest feature in this browser is that it can block ads from your webpages and saves your data and time. 

you can also block scripts and images in this browser. with this feature you loading speed decreases and webpage openly fast as comparison to other browser. Another feature is given in this is you can enter search queries into the web address field. this features saves your time because in other browsers first you have to go on search engine window first and then search your queries.


you can also choose default browser as Min browser and choose your default search engine as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu. We suggest you to go with DuckDuckGo search engine. 

Min browser doesn't need any addon to keep tabs under control. 

More Options:

min browser has an option to hide your all tabs except the one you have enabled. For this option you have to enable the Focus mode in the setting menu. 

You can directly open  a new tab by pressing CTRL key + T on keyboard.  This browser is not designed for add ons. this browser only provides you better and fast surfing as compare to other browsers. 

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